Sprinkled Pudding Cake Batter Cookies

Today is my Step-Dad’s 57th Birthday (He would stroke out if he knew I’m publicly announcing his age lol) so we had a little cook-out for him yesterday. He asked me to make his birthday cake and my mom asked me to also bring some cookies. I didn’t want to make just regular chocolate chipContinue reading “Sprinkled Pudding Cake Batter Cookies”

Mexican Cornbread

I originally posted this recipe in 2012 and it’s now the end of 2019! Wow the last 7 years has flown by! This meal has been a staple in our family long before 2012 and continues to be Andrew’s favorite meal! You Will Need: -1lb ground beef -1 chopped onion -1 cup corn meal -1Continue reading “Mexican Cornbread”

Lulu’s Fried Green Tomatoes & WOW Sauce

So who here has been to Gulf Shores & eaten at Lulu Buffet’s restaurant? We go down to the gulf almost every summer for vacation. It’s close to home & it’s nice to get away. Lulu’s is a fantastic “touristy” restaurant down there owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister. She makes the best fried green tomatoes!Continue reading “Lulu’s Fried Green Tomatoes & WOW Sauce”

Tips For Altering Recipes To Fit Your Tastes & Pantry

Have you ever found an awesome looking recipe, looked at it, and then realized you don’t have all the ingredients or you’ve never even heard of them? Well you’re not alone. Actually, this happens to me quite frequently. It seems like I’m always missing at least 1 ingredient or there’s an ingredient on there thatContinue reading “Tips For Altering Recipes To Fit Your Tastes & Pantry”

Whole Wheat Banana Biscuits? Donuts? Cookies? Yummy!

Healthy Healthy Healthy! Yes! Another healthy breakfast recipe! Yay! These are Whole Wheat Banana…biscuits, donuts, cookies? Whatever you want to call them. I’m going to go with biscuits. They’re marvelously delicious! I have a very unhealthy obsession with bananas. I love them! I also love anything with bananas in it. My go to lunch optionContinue reading “Whole Wheat Banana Biscuits? Donuts? Cookies? Yummy!”

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins…Low-Fat Too!

Yes, you read that right, I made something healthy & low-fat *insert ooh’s and ahh’s here…and the shocked gasp from my mother* Andrew’s a farmer, I believe I’ve mentioned that a time or two, so during the summer he does a lot of hard manual labor in the hot Southern sun. Therefore, this time ofContinue reading “Whole Wheat Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins…Low-Fat Too!”