Gooey Butter Cake…or bars or whatever

As I was home alone today I couldn’t decide what to make myself for lunch. We went out to eat last night so I didn’t have any leftovers to chow down on, but I didn’t want to cook anything either. What I really wanted was something sweet, but I haven’t made my grocery store tripContinue reading “Gooey Butter Cake…or bars or whatever”

Sprinkled Pudding Cake Batter Cookies

Today is my Step-Dad’s 57th Birthday (He would stroke out if he knew I’m publicly announcing his age lol) so we had a little cook-out for him yesterday. He asked me to make his birthday cake and my mom asked me to also bring some cookies. I didn’t want to make just regular chocolate chipContinue reading “Sprinkled Pudding Cake Batter Cookies”