Tips For Altering Recipes To Fit Your Tastes & Pantry

Have you ever found an awesome looking recipe, looked at it, and then realized you don’t have all the ingredients or you’ve never even heard of them? Well you’re not alone. Actually, this happens to me quite frequently. It seems like I’m always missing at least 1 ingredient or there’s an ingredient on there that I’ve never even heard of before! Who cooks with that anyway? Also, more often than not, there’s an ingredient that I just don’t like.


Fret not young cookers! You can nix those ingredients! Well not all of them! Here’s some tips for altering recipes to fit your taste & your pantry!


1.) Obviously, there are some things that you just cant leave out. These things include the basics of a recipe such a flour, butter, eggs, etc.. Now what you can do though is use low-fat butter, whole wheat flour, or egg whites in some cases.

2.)The recipe calls for some crazy ingredient that you’ve never heard of? Leave it out! Unless it’s some crazy recipe to begin with, chances are you’ll never notice that you didn’t use it and it will still taste yummy.

3.) The recipe calls for nuts and like me, you hate nuts? Leave them out! I’m always leaving nuts out of the equation. I don’t like them and a lot of people are allergic to them.

4.)Making sweets and the recipe calls for only a tiny bit of sugar? Add more! The first time you try the recipe just add a little bit more like if it calls for a cup and you don’t think that’s enough, add another 1/2 cup.

5.)Don’t be afraid to substitute things. Calls for chocolate chips and you prefer white chocolate chips? Use those instead. Calls for blueberries and you prefer strawberries? Use those instead. I think you get the idea

6.)Often recipes call for minced onions or garlic. Honestly, who keeps fresh garlic cloves in their pantry all the time? I certainly don’t. I also HATE onions! Like seriously don’t like them. So instead I use onion and garlic powder. They aren’t as strong as the actual onions or garlic so you need to use a little more.

7.)Meats are another easy thing to change. Say your recipe is for stuffed pork chops, you could also do stuffed chicken.

8.) Recipe calls for “freshly grated parmesan cheese” Yeah Right! Parmesan cheese in the package or even the green bottle stuff usually works just the same.


*Got a recipe you want to try, but just can’t figure out how to make it work? Send it to me! I’ll see what I can do with it! You can email it to me at or you can go to the top of the page and click the “Contact” tab and send it to me through the message form!



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