These Ain’t Your Grandma’s No Bake Cookies

Worst blogger ever award goes to…Me! I know, I know, I have been MIA for 3 whole weeks! I’m so sorry! I’ve been taking 2 summer classes and pinching pennies for our upcoming vacation (which means no excessive baking) and things just got really hectic for a while! I’m back, for a moment, though!

Sunday Andrew and I are leaving for a week-long vacation in Costa Rica! We are so ridiculously excited! Neither of us have been to Costa Rica before and it will be just the two of us on this vacation! I will be sure to post a blog about our trip with pictures when we get back!

On to today’s topic though, no bake cookies. I really love no bake cookies. The chocolate and peanut butter ones, anyway. I’ve never had any other kind besides the regular ones my mom makes. They’re really good too. Way to go Mom! (I know she reads this). As I said earlier I’ve been trying to save money for our trip so I haven’t been buying any unnecessary items at the grocery store so my baking supplies are pretty limited. Today I was having a sweets craving and searched all over Pinterest for a recipe that I already had all the ingredients to. This was a REALLY hard task I might add! So I found this recipe, I had all the ingredients, and it was something I have never had before. These are REALLY REALLY GOOD! I don’t even know how to describe the taste to you except that they are great! Go make some! Now! They take like 10 minutes to make! Hurry!


**Update: After I posted this the cookies were cooling on the counter so I went for a run (You know, to counteract the fact that I was about to devour them!) When I got back from my run I realized that my dog had got up on the counter and ate 12 of them! Seriously! Obviously he loved them and they surprisingly didn’t make him sick all night!


You Will Need:

-2 cups sugar

-3/4 cup butter

-2/3 cup milk

-1 (3.4oz) box vanilla instant pudding mix

-3.5 cups oats

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla


-In a medium sauce pan add sugar, butter, and milk

-Bring to a boil and continue boiling for 2 minutes

-Remove from heat and stir in pudding mix, oats, and vanilla

-Let sit for 5 minutes

-Spread out a large sheet of wax paperMost Used

-Drop spoon fulls of the mixture onto the wax paper and let cool


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