Our Wedding – Decor

This is the second post in this series so be sure to check out the others with the rest of my wedding pictures! All pictures were taken by Megan Burges of Megan Burges Photography. She’s amazing and you can find her at http://www.meganburges.com. This post will be the decor from our wedding. Megan got some great pictures of it and I have to share them with yall! Our wedding venue (ceremony & reception) was Stan Jones Mallard Lodge in Clover Bend, AR. You can find them at http://www.stanjonesmallardlodge.com They were so wonderful to work with!

edmondsrowlett_177 edmondsrowlett_358

I actually didn’t use these arrangements as my center pieces, but I had them sitting around all over the venue. One of my bridesmaid’s mom, Dee Ezell, made all of them. She did a great job!

edmondsrowlett_180 edmondsrowlett_200

I used a ton of lanterns throughout my entire venue. The ceremony started at 6pm with the reception immediately after so it was sunset during the ceremony & dark for the reception and it created a beautiful setting with all the candles and lanterns.

edmondsrowlett_360  edmondsrowlett_197


edmondsrowlett_204 edmondsrowlett_181

On the big tables I had a blue table runner, 2 log candles, and one lantern. My dad and stepdad actually made all the log candles. My dad cut the logs from a tree on the farm and my stepdad drilled all the holes for the candles. On the small bistro tables I just had a single lantern. Down the aisle at the ceremony site is used giant lanterns to line it. They were SO pretty!

edmondsrowlett_359 edmondsrowlett_189 edmondsrowlett_185

I made all these chalkboards & I love that they’re personal to us! Andrew is a farmer and October is right in the middle of harvest. We didn’t go on our honeymoon until December because he couldn’t leave the farm until harvest was over. The morning after our wedding he literally woke up and went back to work.

edmondsrowlett_190 edmondsrowlett_191 edmondsrowlett_217

Our programs were in a large blue bowl with rice stalks around it. (Andrew’s a rice farmer) We gave our guests a glass of champagne as the came in. A little kick start to the festivities!


And here’s a peak at the ceremony site before the guests arrived so don’t miss the ceremony pictures post!


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