Our Wedding – Ceremony

Alright, this is post number 3 in the series and it’s all about the ceremony! First off, photographer is Megan Burges of Megan Burges Photography http://www.meganburges.com. Look her up, she’s fabulous! The venue is Stan Jones Mallard Lodge http://www.stanjonesmallardlodge.com. They’re awesome to work with!

edmondsrowlett_244 edmondsrowlett_245

Let’s start this post off with my flower girl, Ever, looking absolutely amazing! She’s carrying a white daisy kissing ball with blue ribbon. Her dress was made by Katie D’s Creations on Etsy!


My girls dresses looked so good up front with their white hydrangea bouquets. The color combo was great! The dresses are by Bari Jay!

edmondsrowlett_255 edmondsrowlett_256

Jackson and Christopher cracked me up. I gave them a little talk before they walked out about making sure they carried the sign together and they both kept holding on to it. They got to these steps and stopped trying to figure out how to go down at the same time. It was precious! The sign also came from Etsy.

edmondsrowlett_249 edmondsrowlett_252 edmondsrowlett_258

No matter how good we all looked, Splash and Hub definitely stole the show!  Everyone was talking about them coming down the aisle and they did such a great job! When they got to the front Andrew’s Best Man, Garrett, had their leashes in his pocket. They sat behind Andrew through the entire ceremony. They were supposed to wear ties I got from Etsy, but they wouldn’t stay on their collars.

edmondsrowlett_263 edmondsrowlett_268 edmondsrowlett_271

Finally, my Dad and I came down the aisle and he had to give me away. The look on Andrew’s face is priceless!


I love this picture! This is our wedding! Ahh!

 edmondsrowlett_285 edmondsrowlett_287 edmondsrowlett_288

And we are Mr. and Mrs. Rowlett!

edmondsrowlett_291 edmondsrowlett_294

And they lived happily ever after!

edmondsrowlett_298 edmondsrowlett_299 edmondsrowlett_301

Well, first, we had to stop and call the boys back to us. They didn’t come back up the aisle quiet as well as they went down though. They could hear us calling their names but they couldn’t see us so they ran through all the guests like crazy dogs looking for us! It was so funny and everyone was laughing. Definitely a priceless moment in our day!

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