Our Wedding

Andrew & I finally said “I Do” on October 12, 2013. Back before the wedding I promised I would share our wedding photos with yall. I know, that was 3 months ago and I’m a little late, but better late than never, right? First I want to say that my photographer, Megan Burges, is absolutely amazing! Seriously, she is the best photographer in the history of photographers. She is the owner of Megan Burges Photography and you can find her at http://www.meganburges.com She’s formerly Megan Clemence and you’ve probably seen her on Pinterest, so yeah, that’s her too. We love her. I have a ton of great pictures to share, so I’m going to split this up into more than one post. Some before wedding pics, ceremony pics, and then after ceremony pics. They’re all great.


My gown was by Allure Couture. it was beaded from top to bottom and it was so heavy it left marks on my hips! So worth it though! The wood hanger with Mrs. Rowlett on the wire was from Etsy.


Andrew had my engagement ring made for me based off a ring I had found on Pinterest. Holly from Holly’s Jewelry in Mtn. Home, Arkansas made the ring. Both our wedding bands came from Zales. I originally wanted white peonies for my bouquet, but they aren’t in season in October. I ordered big full blown out white garden roses and was extremely upset when the florist arrived on the day of my wedding with this rose bouquet…

edmondsrowlett_080 edmondsrowlett_083-1

My Dad’s “first look” The time my Dad has on is extra special. Yes, it’s a really ugly purple grape tie and he wore it with his tux at my wedding. When I was younger I used to buy my Dad a tie for Christmas every year. (In my defense, he wore a tie to work every day.) When I was 3 I picked this tie out for him. My family tried to tell me that it was not a very good looking tie, but I didn’t care, I wanted that one. He has worn it and kept it ever since. We always joked about the purple grape tie.

 edmondsrowlett_041 edmondsrowlett_103

I love these girls! I had them all monogrammed button up shirts made. Their blue dressed are made by Bari Jay. In the formal picture is Krystal, Katie (Andrew’s sister), Me, Jordan (Maid of Honor), Julie, and Jordan.

edmondsrowlett_101 edmondsrowlett_102
edmondsrowlett_129 edmondsrowlett_130 edmondsrowlett_132

This is my niece Ever. She’s my precious sweet adorable flower girl. I love her to pieces! She was 3 years old at the time of our wedding and looking to die for in this dress from Katie D’s Creations on Etsy!

edmondsrowlett_146 edmondsrowlett_165 edmondsrowlett_127

Looking equally as cute as Ever is Jackson and Christopher! These are our nephews and they carried an adorable sign during the ceremony. How handsome are they in their little tiny tuxes?! I love the picture of Jack in the middle, Megan captured a great moment there!

edmondsrowlett_126 edmondsrowlett_135

edmondsrowlett_134 edmondsrowlett_133

Our dogs, Splash and Hub, are extremely important to us. Our wedding would have not been personal to us at all if they had not been involved. They were not just there for pictures though, they were a major part of our ceremony also! You’ll see! 🙂


Pretty handsome group of men right there, huh? That’s Kyle (my brother), Jeff (Andrew’s brother), Joe (Andrew’s friend & my Maid of Honor Jordan’s boyfriend), Garrett, and Chris (Andrew’s brother)


I gave my parents, grandparents, and Mother-In-Law all personalized handkerchiefs before the wedding. This was my MIL’s. It says  “Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dream. He is proud to be your son, and I am blessed to be his wife.”

edmondsrowlett_069 edmondsrowlett_210

Getting zipped up. That’s Sam, she did my hair and make-up. She’s in Searcy, Arkansas and you can find her on Facebook at Samantha Shaw Cosmetologist. She’s pretty awesome and she’s been one of my best friend’s since we met in college.

edmondsrowlett_071 edmondsrowlett_074

I got my garters off Etsy and my shoes are Jessica Simpson from Dillards. Be sure to stick around for the rest of my posts with pictures of our decor, the ceremony, and reception!


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