Our Wedding – Reception

This is the fourth in the “Our Wedding” series. This one is all pictures from our reception so be sure to check out the other posts! Last time, our amazing photographer was Megan Burges from Megan Burges Photography http://www.meganburges.com. Our venue and catering was Stan Jones Mallard Lodge http://www.stanjonesmallardlodge.com.

edmondsrowlett_336 edmondsrowlett_341

Our first dance as husband as wife was to “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain.

edmondsrowlett_345 edmondsrowlett_347 edmondsrowlett_348

My dance with my Dad was to “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift

edmondsrowlett_354 edmondsrowlett_355

Andrew’s mom & my step-dad had their dances together to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts.

edmondsrowlett_387 edmondsrowlett_388

With our boys as an official family! So much love in these two pictures!


edmondsrowlett_367 edmondsrowlett_372

I had Andrew’s cake made as a surprise for him. It’s a combine harvesting with a tractor and grain buggy on the side ready to haul a load to the big truck! It was a big hit!

edmondsrowlett_375 edmondsrowlett_382 edmondsrowlett_383

Our adorable monogrammed champagne glasses from Etsy! Andrew is 6’3 and I’m 5’8 so he was too tall for me to reach my glass! I had to make him squat down!

edmondsrowlett_373 edmondsrowlett_362 edmondsrowlett_366

I tried to add our personal touches to everything I could!


Bouquet and garter toss! Our course these were going straight to Jordan and Joe! We love our best friends, they love us, and they love each other! 🙂


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