Mr. Rorie’s Soup


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I feel kind of funny even titling this post “Mr. Rorie’s Soup”, but that’s exactly what this stuff is, and it’s good! I didn’t exactly know Mr. Rorie. He was a middle school math teacher that lived behind my Nanny most of my life, but he wasn’t my math teacher, and I just really didn’t know him. This is his recipe and my Nanny made it all the time for us kids. Even now that I’m grown and she’s no longer living, I still make “Mr. Rorie’s soup” and I still call it just that. Basically this is an amped up version of Minestrone soup.

You Will Need:

-1lb ground beef

-1 can original rotel

-1 can ranch style beans

-2 cans minestrone soup

-1-2 cans of water


-Mix all the ingredients together & heat to boiling.

-Reduce heat and simmer at least 20 minutes.


-Mix all ingredients together in a crock pot & heat on low all day!


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