Crock Pot Roast


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I thought pot roast in the crock pot was something that every woman knew how to do, but I was surprised to get a phone call from my recently married bff who needed to know how to make it. Then I got to thinking, maybe everyone’s mom didn’t religiously make roast in the crock pot like mine did? Who would have thought? So here I am to share the extremely simple way to make pot roast in the crock pot. Seriously, simple.


You Will Need:

-1 pot roast

-1 package of McCormick slow cookers savory pot roast seasoning.

-1 package of fresh baby carrots

-Potatoes, cut into cubes. We really like potatoes so I use a whole lot, but however many you feel necessary is fine.

-1 cup water



-Place roast in slow cooker with carrots and potatoes

-In a small bowl mix together the cup of water and McCormick’s seasoning packet

-Pour mixture over roast.

-Heat on HIGH for 4 hours of LOW for 8 hours.


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