Wood Pallet Shelves

I keep seeing all these fabulous things you can do with wooden pallets on Pinterest and since the decor in our house is very rustic (more like hunting cabin) wood pallets match fabulously with our living room! I mean we have a giant turkey over the tv after all! So I went to the farm and got some of the bajillion pallets that are laying around up there and brought them home.

But since I wanted to put one on each side of the turkey on the wall I didn’t have enough room to use the entire pallet like they did, I needed them to be shorter so i had to improvise. I cut the pallets in half and it was actually quite a bit harder with a saw than I expected. Next time I will definitely have Andrew do it for me! But anyway here is my finished product! I love them!

Published by Raising Rowletts

Farmer's Wife. Homeschooling Mom of 5. Coffee Addict. Disney Travel Agent

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