Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

Have you guys seen those awesome Christmas wreaths made out of deco mesh? Aren’t they the cutest things ever! I love them so yesterday my friend Jordan and I went to the Hobby Lobby to get all the supplies we needed and tried to make them today. Tried is the key word. They turned out pretty good, but not near as awesome as the picture we were going off of that we found on Pinterest. If you don’t know what Pinterest is you really need to click on the link at love every piece of it! Anywho, I didn’t take pictures while making it, but it was pretty simple and my next one will be much better!

So here’s what you’ll need:
Deco Mesh: I used 1 long roll of mesh for my wreath and quite frankly didn’t have enough so go with 2 rolls! Any color you would like.
Metal/Wire Wreath Frame: I got the large one from Hobby Lobby $4.99
Decorations: Ribbon, ornaments, feathers, etc. I used ribbon and ornaments, but Jordan used two different colors of mesh, ornaments, and candy canes.
Zip Ties or Trash Bag Ties: We used trash bag ties because we had tons of them, but zip ties would probably work just the same.

How it works:
Scrunch up the end of the mesh up and tie it to the write wreath frame. Pull out some fabric to make a bubble and tie that section down to the frame. Keep making bubbles and tying them down all the way around the frame. To make it look full you’ll need to go around the entire frame at least twice. When you have the mesh how you want it then take your ribbon and go around the mesh or stick it down however you want. Then stick all your decorations in it. It’s pretty easy, but you really have to work at it to get everything stuck into it; I gave up with mine and just hung the ornaments from the center. I wish I had taken pictures as I was going along now. My mom wants me to make her one so I will next time!


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