Burlap Halloween Wreath

I do have an obsession with wreaths, and I’m not sorry for this! I waited to post a lot of these things mainly because I forgot to, but it’s also a good thing because I learned some things while making them that didn’t work that I can now discuss! So this burlap wreath was really pretty easy but I did one thing wrong that would have saved its life!

So for the frame of this wreath I used plumbing foam I got from Lowe’s. I connected the ends to make a circle and taped them together. This worked really well, but the burlap is really heavy and the longer it hung on my door the more it started to sag. By the time Halloween was over this wreath didn’t even look close to a circle anymore. So maybe use a sturdier wreath frame.

At first I bought 1 yard of burlap, but that was definitely not enough. I used almost all of 2 yards. You can get burlap in a lot of colors at pretty much any fabric store. I usually get everything from Hobby Lobby. Cut the burlap into about 1″ wide strips that are long enough to tie around the frame and still have long strips hanging out. Tie the burlap strips all the way around the frame. I put all my knots on the front in the same line, but now I know NOT to do that. Put all your knots on the front, but alternate where they are at. (It makes it look more messy and full when they aren’t all in a row)

The pumpkins and “boo” are just unfinished wooden decorations I bought from Hobby Lobby. They’re in the craft section and come in little plastic bags. I just painted them orange with acrylic paint that I already had. After they dried I hot glued them to the wreath.

And there you have it!


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