Newspaper Halloween Wreath

Yes, this is yet again another wreath, but I’m almost all caught up with them! This wreath was really hard and time consuming, but I’m pretty sure that anyone with a little more patience and creativity (and less wild dogs) than I have could do a much better job!

I used newspaper and A LOT of newspaper! I used an entire Arkansas Democrat Gazette Sunday paper, which for anyone who knows is a rather large paper, and I still could have used more to make the wreath more full, but by this point I was exhausted!

I used a large peanut butter jar lid to trace circles on the newspaper and cut them out. The circles really need to have ruffled edges so I just drew them around the circle and cut them out like it was all one thing.

For the wreath frame I used plumbing foam from Lowe’s. It’s only $1. Just wrap it around to make a circle and tape it together.

I found a picture of a bat on the internet, printed it out, and traced it onto black construction paper. The black construction paper is better than just printing out a bat on printer paper because it’s thicker. I used bats in several different sizes. When I got the bats cut out I folded their wings in to make them look like they were flying.

So after I got ALL of those circles cut out you take a pencil and stick it in the center to make the circle fold up and look like a flower. Then you hot glue it to the wreath frame. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to glue all the little circles and make it look full and pretty. As I said earlier, I gave up.

Once all the newspaper is glued on just hot glue that bats on wherever you would like.


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