Initial Door Hanger

This is another one of those personalized things that I love and it’s so cute!

I bought the wooden letter unfinished off Ebay from the seller Woodcraft Patterns They have tons of unfinished wood items and letters in different fonts! My R is 16 inches.

Since Andrew is a farmer then of course our R had to be John Deere colors. I think I’m getting used to all the John Deere stuff now though. We have dishes, glasses, serving bowls, coasters, cookie jar, and tons of toy tractors. Anyway though, I just painted the R green and trimmed it with yellow. I agreed to the green and yellow reluctantly, but I really wanted to paint it green with yellow polka dots, but Andrew just wouldn’t go for that. Too girly of course. He thinks everything is too girly!  Then I just took a green ribbon and tied it around the top to hang it from the door.

Probably the easiest thing I’ve made yet! I love seeing it hanging from the door when I come home!


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