Candy Cane Window Decor

Who loves Christmas??? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Now as much as I love all things Christmas & Christmas decor, I am a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up a tree or any decorations! I have made several Christmas things in the past month or so, but my decorations didn’t go up until Yesterday! So I saw these candy cane window things in Good Housekeeping and decided to make my own!Now I know the lighting in this picture is really terrible, but this is actually the best I could get it! Anyway though, it’s really cute hanging from any window, this is on my little kitchen window.

-I bought plastic candy canes from the dollar store for this. They came in a package of 6 & I only used 6 of them. I’m sure real candy canes would be just fine also.
-Our city gives us trash bags on a large roll and then ribbons are hanging to the empty plastic center of the roll. I think an empty paper towel roll would work too.
-I’m not sure why my pictures are turning out all discolored, but anyway, all I did was cut the strips of ribbon long enough to double over and be the length that I needed hanging from my window.
-Next I hot glued the ribbon together at the end & let it dry really well.
-After I was sure it was dry and strong I put it on the plastic roll and hot glued the other side so that the ribbon was tight against the roll.
-After I got each ribbon secured to the roll I hot glued it together all the way down so that it looked like one solid piece of ribbon. Be sure to leave a hole at the very bottom for the candy cane to slip through though!
-When I was all finished I just set it on top of the curtain rod already on my window, pulled the ribbons down, & stuck the candy canes on! Super easy & cute!


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