The Most Ridiculous Things We Say To New Moms

So you’re pregnant for the first time, just had your first baby,  it could even be your tenth kid and someone out there is going to say one of these things to you. They just can’t help it. These ridiculous things roll off people’s tongues like vomit. Sure, they might mean well…sometimes…but if they everContinue reading “The Most Ridiculous Things We Say To New Moms”

What To Pack In Your C-Section Hospital Bag

Disclaimer: This post talks about girly things like what happens after you deliver a baby. If you can’t handle that then click away now.     I’ve had 3 cesarean sections now, so I feel pretty confident in my knowledge of what I definitely was glad I had and what I could definitely do without.Continue reading “What To Pack In Your C-Section Hospital Bag”