Nuremberg Germany December 2019

Nuremberg is a cute town right in the heart of Germany. Probably most famous now for it Nazi history and the home of the post-WW2 Nuremberg trials. We chose Nuremburg as our location to spend Christmas because it’s also world famous for its huge Christmas market!

Spread out all across the city center is a Christmas market for all ages offering food, drinks, rides, toys, crafts, and goods of every kind. Complete with horse drawn carriage rides and live music. Don’t forget to try some roasted chestnuts and mulled wine!

We picked up the kids Christmas presents from vendors here and the kids were smitten with them on Christmas morning. Rhett got traditional German toys, a wooden fire truck and ambulance. The 3 girls got the most precious hand made teddy bears. The woman who made them was so sweet to us! She helped us find the perfect outfits for each bear for the girls while they slept in the carriers. The bears are made from moleskin, stuffed with sheep wool, and hand sewn.

Nuremberg has several beautiful churches and of course a medieval castle that still stands with a large part of the old city wall boasting beautiful views of the city.

We really wanted to go to the Nazi rally grounds where Hitler would host his huge Nazi party rallies and also where prisoners were sorted and sent to their assigned concentration camps. Unfortunately it was closed from the Christmas holidays which in Germany is celebrated for 3 days from December 24-26.

We stayed at a great Airbnb apartment right by the main train station. It was perfect for big families with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and was very reasonably priced. Leaving Nuremberg we took a very quick ICE train to Munich.


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