Venison Chili


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Chili is a winter meal staple around our house and since we are avid hunters, I utilize deer meat for ours. Actually, I use ground deer meat for any recipe that calls for ground hamburger meat. Deer is much more lean than beef and you will notice there’s little to no grease to drain off after cooking it. Deer does have a bit of a gamey taste so I don’t recommend using it for hamburgers but anything else that has other ingredients to mask the taste is great! For example, I’ll use ground deer meat for enchiladas, spaghetti, tacos, hamburger helper, chili, etc.


You Will Need:

-1lb ground venison

-1lb Jimmy Dean original sausage (obviously the brand you choose is up to you, but Jimmy Dean is my preference)

-3 cans tomato sauce

-4 cans chili beans

-2 packets chili seasoning



-In a large skillet brown the deer meat and sausage together. Drain grease.

-In a crock pot (what I use) or a LARGE pot combine all the ingredients & stir thoroughly

-Technically it’s ready to serve as soon as it’s mixed and heated, but I usually cook the meat and get everything ready in the morning and leave it on low heat for the day until dinner time.

-Top with cheese, sour cream, crackers or anything you like!


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