March 2020 Wrap Up

With March behind us now, I have to say it was one of the craziest months I can remember. It started out normal enough, but with COVID-19 hitting the US mid month it definitely took a different turn.

March 1st started out with Andrew’s 31st birthday! It was a Sunday so we went to church and really didn’t do much of anything else. We stayed around the house the rest of the day. The kids were quick to tell the servers at our local Mexican restaurant that it was his birthday so he got ice cream and the happy birthday song with a sombrero.

This month the twins started a new language arts program called Logic of English. We chose the cursive curriculum, if you have questions about LOE I’d be happy to help. Their website also has a wealth of knowledge. The twins have been doing really well with it so far. It’s not as pretty as The Good & The Beautiful, but I do feel like it’s fundamentally sound and ultimately that’s what I care about.

We had a slight reprieve from the endless rain for a little bit which enabled our new shop construction to finally make some progress only to be halted again by endless rain.

The slight break in the rain also meant the farm life picked up and at the end of the month we got one field of corn planted before the rains began again.

All 4 kids started back to swim lessons at the beginning of the month but we were only able to go for 2 weeks before COVID-19 put a stop to it. Lorelei’s dance classes were also cancelled but she really doesn’t know or care. I’m the most bummed about no swim lessons because that’s a life and safety skill I want the kids to have sooner rather than later!

Our new corgi puppy is about 13 weeks old now and is starting to find his place in our family. He has been through a series of names but we have finally stuck with Harry and it fits him so well! If you’ve read any of the children’s books about Harry the dog, he is the spitting image of that Harry and the name fits him perfectly! Our German Shepard, Thor, really loves him and has truly enjoyed having someone to play with. Thor even lets Harry snuggle on his bed with him.

We managed to get in a quick weekend trip to Gaston’s White River Resort at the beginning of the month and of course had a wonderful time.

Mostly this month we have done a lot of playing! COVID-19 has shut down the world but it’s pretty much business as usual around here. Farming is in full swing so our travel was already halted for a while and Andrew still has to go to work to feed with world. It’s been a bummer to not be able to get away from the house much. We enjoy our Walmart trips, dance, swim lessons etc and those have been stopped. Thankfully we have plenty of space for the kids to run and explore and a lot to take care of with all the animals and our 5 honeybee hives are out and hard at work now that it’s spring! We are looking forward to a better April and praying the world calms down!


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