Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller Review

A few years ago in 2017 we were at Disney World with one of our old crappy double strollers (we’ve had a few) and we saw a man get on the bus and fold his stroller flat so effortlessly. I spent the rest of the bus ride trying to figure out what kind of stroller it was and online shopping for it because Andrew and I were both amazed. That stroller was the Baby Jogger City Mini double. We immediately bought 2 of them and never looked back.

The stroller drives like a dream! It is so easy to push and maneuver. The wheels in the front can be locked in place or they have a full 360° swivel. Since we have 4 kids under 4 we have 2 of these strollers and I can easily push them both side by side at the same time!

The stroller seats have a 5 point harness with shoulder straps and belly straps or you can just use the belly straps. I really like The 5 point harness because toddlers can easily crawl out of just the belly straps.

Each seat fully reclines separately of the other. This is probably my kids favorite feature because it makes the stroller perfect for naps! You can adjust the angle to recline to any position you want so you can recline it just a little to accommodate smaller babies or lay it flat for a nap.

The sun shade canopies also adjust separately from each other and they come down really far! This offers great sun protection and creates a dark environment for sleeping. The canopies come out in stages so you don’t have to pull it all the way down if you don’t want. The canopies also have 2 clear peakaboo windows on the top so you can peak in on your sleeping kiddo without pulling the entire canopy back and waking them.

When the seats are reclined the back panel can be opened up to just a mesh backing which allows great airflow through to keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The handlebar is not adjustable like the newer models, but it comes out pretty far back from the rear wheels and I’ve never had an issue kicking the rear wheels. I’m 5’8 and Andrew is 6’3 and that’s not a problem for either of us. The wheel brake is located on the rear wheel frame with a foot flip piece. It’s easy to flip up and down but it does stink if you have on sandals.

The absolute best part about these strollers is how they fold! There’s no buttons to push, pieces to remove, etc. you simply pull the handles in the middle of the seats and the stroller folds in half! It is seriously so easy and it folds down pretty flat for easy storage.

My only major complaint with this stroller is the bottom storage basket is hard to access because there’s a bar to the farm that runs through the middle of the opening. If you can fit stuff in around the basket the basket itself is pretty large.

Our 2 strollers have been to Disney World about 15 times and gate checked on about 20 flights. They are still inreally great shape! They don’t have any rips or holes in the fabric and aren’t stained up too bad. We don’t bag the strollers for flying either so they have been completely exposed to the elements of airline travel.

The video below is much more detailed and shows the features I talked about above! We just upgraded to the brand new body style of these strollers and we are taking them to Disney World next week so I’ll be back soon with a review of those!


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