Branson Weekend October 2019

Andrew and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this year on October 12. Considering we have 4 toddlers who have never stayed a night away from us, there isn’t much celebrating to be had for us! We decided we would make a little family weekend getaway of it!

I grew up relatively local to Branson, MO in a small lake town in North Central Arkansas. We went to Branson all the time when I was growing up. I can still remember packing the car up with cooler bags and heading to Branson to the Walmart Supercenter to stock up on groceries because we didn’t have one! Now that we live in Andrew’s hometown Branson is about 4 hours away, but my parents still live close so we chose that for our quick getaway spot since there’s lots to do for the kids!

A little funny tidbit, the girls outfits are Eleanor Rose. The romper Belle has on is several years old, I’ve had it since Lorelei was a baby and all the girls have worn it. When MM could fit in it last year I managed to find the matching dress for Lorelei to wear. This year I was bummed because I didn’t have a size up in the dress for Lorelei so they could all three match! Then all my matching dreams came true and ER decided to run the print again! I was so excited because I love this print so much and I got to get Lorelei’s size up and all the girls matched. I was quickly bummed out when Lorelei’s new dress arrived and I realized the pinks are two completely different colors from her new one and the old ones! Thankfully it was super cold in Branson that weekend so the girls got to wear their adorable Sweet LaRose monogram coats and no one could see the mismatching dresses!

We have a ton of IHG hotel points so we utilized those to stay at Holiday Inn Holiday Hills resort. We have a very spacious 2 bedroom villa and it was really nice! I highly recommend this resort for families! I’m not sure the cost because we used points and it was free but I don’t think it’s very expensive. The resort has rooms of all sizes but there’s 6 of us so we have to go big. Our room had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full size kitchen with bar/barstools, a dining area with table, living room, and a kitchenette. Although we didn’t utilize these services, the resort is on a full golf course, has an indoor pool and a restaurant. There’s also security at the entrance and you get parking passes so it felt very safe! It’s a little bit outside Branson strip but only about 5 minutes from Branson Landing.

Andrew came home from work Friday around 11am and we headed straight to Branson to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede that night for dinner. We chose the 5:30pm show because our kids are little and 7:30 would be way too late for them especially after a long car ride. Honestly I was a little unsure how the Dixie Stampede would go. I hadn’t been since I was a kid and couldn’t remember if it was exciting enough to hold our toddlers attention. I had nothing to worry about, they loved it! They intently watched and loved every minute of the show! Andrew and I talked about it when we left how much we couldn’t believe how into it they were!

Saturday morning we took our time getting around and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to Silver Dollar City for the day. My mom, stepdad, grandma, and brother were able to meet up with us there. SDC was fully decked out with fall and Halloween decorations and it was really pretty! We hadn’t been to SDC in about 2 and we are frequent Disney World goers so I was unsure what to expect. Honestly we were pretty disappointed. There’s literally 3 rinkydink rides for little kids to ride and everything else has a 36″ height requirement. We are so spoiled to WDW where babies can ride pretty much everything except the big rollercoasters. We were also super shocked by the insane crowds! It was wall to wall shoulder to shoulder people and the hills are so steep! Definitely not stroller friendly at all! WDW is super crowded a lot too and really crowds don’t bother us but WDW is a lot better about dispersing crowds with line ques that are enclosed. I noticed all the walkway space at SDC was taken up by people waiting in lines for food and rides. Overall even though I thought the logistics of SDC are poor, the kids still had a great time and that’s really all that matters. They really enjoyed hanging out with their grandparents and nothing beats a day with their Uncle Kyle, the biggest kid of all. We did have some great food from the big skillets at lunch and funnel cakes and I highly recommend that!

The kids tractor outfits are also Sweet LaRose. You can find them on Facebook

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