Diaper Cake

I guess I’m officially growing up….like seriously growing up…my friends are having babies now…ON PURPOSE! It’s a weird thing when a friend has a baby & you’re not to that stage in your life yet. Not that I don’t want kids, I’m just not married yet and not that financially stable. So one of the guys at the farm that Andrew works with had a baby this morning! Well his wife had a baby this morning. Maddox Grace Jones was welcomed into the world today! I just love all things little girls! I love pink. I love bows. I love clothes. Little girls are fun, right? Well I’m a little last minute on my baby gift, obviously. So I threw together this diaper cake to take to them today! It was actually really really easy and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
-About 70 Diapers. I bought a package of 94 pampers and used over half of the package. You can use any brand of diapers you want, but I would recommend not getting the newborn diapers because they grow out of them so quickly. I used the step 2 diapers, but 3 or even 4 step is good too! You might want to check with the Mother also because she may only want to use organic diapers or cloth or something of that sort
-Cardboard cake platter (You can get them at Walmart in the cake decorating stuff)
-1 8oz or larger bottle of baby lotion or baby shampoo. I used the 15oz bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
-1 4oz baby bottle (I used the Parent’s Choice single bottle from Walmart)
-Ribbon (Any color you like. I used 1 thick light pink ribbon & thinner pink and white polka dot ribbons)
-1 bow…or ribbon to make a bow
-Rubber bands…some small and some extra extra large
-Any extra decor you would like to add to it like a small stuffed animal, passy, teething ring, etc…

-First place your bottle of lotion or shampoo in the middle of the cake platter
-Start unfolding diapers and rolling them up. Secure the rolled diaper with a rubber band
-Place the rolled diapers on the cake platter around the bottle of lotion and secure them all around the bottle with a large rubber band.
-Do the same for the second row & secure them all around the inner row with a rubber band.
-Your bottom tier should have 3 rows.
-When you have completed all 3 rows on the bottom tier secure the entire tier with ribbon.
-For the middle tier do the exact same thing as before except this time you will only have 2 rows of rolled diapers. I secured this tier with the thicker ribbon because I put the baby’s name on it.
-For the top tier it is easiest to do it on the table and then add it to the whole cake.
-Roll up and secure the diapers as before, place them around the baby bottle and then secure with a rubber band and cover the rubber band with ribbon.
-Place the top tier on the rest of the diaper cake and add any other decorations you want
I told you this was super easy!!

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