January 2021 Wrap Up

If you had asked me back in the summer what January 2021 would look like I would have said that life would be back to normal, but here we are still living in this crazy COVID mess. I am thankful our run ins with COVID have been minimal and we have largely continued to live our lives as normal as possible. Not being able to travel outside the US has been a major bummer for us, but we have spent the last year going wherever we were allowed which has mainly consisted of Florida to the beach and Disney World a lot! We were also able to squeeze in an amazing trip to Northern California once they lifted their 10 month long lockdown and then a trip to Hawaii once they opened back up for tourists. I’ll make separate posts for both of those trips, they’ll be worth the read!

By far the biggest thing that happened in January 2021 is Andrew and I got baptized! Years ago after Andrew & I moved back to his hometown we searched for a church home for years but never found anywhere we really felt was right for us. Over 2 years ago we ended up deciding to go back to a church in our college town that we knew we loved even if it meant driving 45 minutes one way every week to get there. We haven’t looked back since. Andrew & I both grew up going to church and were baptized as children but really felt called to rededicate our lives to Jesus and be baptized again as adults. We are so thankful for our church family. The drive is so worth it with how much we are growing spiritually and our children are engrossed in learning the Gospel here.

We spent most of the month of January playing and learning. Our baby #5 is growing and changing so fast! He started really socially smiling and cooing at us this month. Everyone loves on him and caters to him so much! We are all soaking up his newborn days as they’re just about over.

We have a few more plans for next month before we have to really dive in to this year’s farming season so stay tuned!


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