November 2020 Wrap Up

November started out pretty slow. We knew we had a little over 2 weeks before #5 arrived so we were just trying to get everything wrapped up for his arrival.

I had one final ultrasound to check on #5 at the beginning of the month and everything looked great

Andrew was able to get harvest all completed by November 10 which was impeccable timing because much to our surprise #5 made his unexpected arrival the very next day.

Briar Rush Rowlett (aka Baby #5) made his unexpected early arrival on November 11, 2020 at 11:17am. Due to COVID restrictions only Andrew & I were allowed at the hospital. I really didn’t like being away from the kids and that they couldn’t come see us so as soon as the baby’s mandatory 24hours were up we were out of the hospital and back home! The other 4 kids were so excited to see him they bombarded us in the driveway before we ever made it out of the car.

We spent the next few weeks adjusting to our new normal, getting into a routine, and CHICKEN POX.

Yep, you read that right, chicken pox. They actually started before the baby was born but I didn’t realize it. Just 2 days before Briar was born MM was outside and she told me that her bottom hurt. I checked it out and she had what looked like a mosquito bite on her butt cheek that she had clearly been scratching. I warned her to leave it alone and moved on. The one night I was at the hospital Andrew face timed me after the kids bath to show me MM’s back and bottom that now had several small spots over it. We were stumped and had no idea what these bug bites came from. We came home from the hospital and it continued to escalate until they finally looked like full blown chicken pox. She has been vaccinated so it never occurred to me that she would have chicken pox. She ended up with the full classic rash all over her body and it spread mildly through the other 3 big kids but not as bad. The other 2 girls ended up with a fever and a few spots here and there. Andrew & I both had chicken pox as kids so we were spared & Briar being breastfed thankfully had no issues.

Andrew, Rhett & Andrew’s uncle spent a few days of deer season working hard to get us some meat for the winter. This was Rhett’s first time to really deer hunt and he is now hooked! He really loves hunting with the guys and they were able to fill out freezer up.

Sara Long Photography took the most precious newborn pictures of Briar and she even managed to get all our kids and our entire family in some perfect pictures that we will cherish forever!

We wrapped up the month with Thanksgiving. The kids discovered their love of pecan pie this year and Andrew finally got me to like sweet potatoes, overall a win haha! We are excited for December and baby Briar’s first Christmas coming up!

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