June 2020 Wrap Up

I’m a week late, but we were finally busy again in July! Crazy busy actually. Everything seemed to start back up all at once!

The twins are still taking music lessons weekly. During their lessons the little girls either stay and wait with me or they go to work with Andrew depending on what he’s doing. The twins are doing so well. I’ve really been impressed how quickly they have picked up reading music, especially being only 4!

We still have weekly swim lessons. The twins are really swimming now with proper arm strokes and everything. MM has come around and actually enjoys the water now.

Lorelei has been in ballet and rap since last fall. She was supposed to have a recital in May but since classes were halted in March that was postponed. I assumed she wouldn’t get to have her recital, but she got to go back to dance in June! She was really excited to go back to dance and they even had an in studio recital for the girls that they filmed for the parents. Lorelei was just happy to get to wear her costumes!

T-ball was another spring activity that was postponed. Much like dance I didn’t think it would ever actually resume but we got the call they were going to move forward with a short season through the month of June. They ended up having a game twice a week for the month of June. The twins played and really loved it this year compared to last!

In farm news we started and finished wheat harvest which was a relief. Our wheat did exceptionally well this year. Our new farm shop is almost complete now. I don’t think I kept everyone updated on all the craziness but our shop has been built 3 times now due to a tornado and then a very high wind storm! We also got 2 new grain bins that are just about complete

We homeschool through the summer because we are gone most of the winter and the twins have been working hard. They are both reading short words now. Reading has been our main focus this summer and we will continue on with that until this fall. We used Logic of English Foundations for phonics and reading and it has been very beneficial. It’s a very straight forward program with very little glitz and glamor but I will definitely say it works! MM has really been wanting to do school so when she turned 3 I got her the same The Good & The Beautiful Preschool workbook that the twins used last year but she’s just not ready for it. She was really excited to have her own workbook and we trudged through about a week of it but it’s designed for 3-4 year olds and was just over her head. I didn’t want to discourage her so I found Horizons Preschool for 3s that is much more level appropriate for her. We’ve been using it for about a month now and she loves it!

July will bring a lot more adventures for us and we can’t wait!


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