April 2020

Well we really didn’t do much this month… This is probably, and hopefully, the only time I will start one of these monthly updates with that sentence!

COVID-19 continued to throw our plans off. Swim lessons and dance lessons are still cancelled. The twins were supposed to start music lessons but that too has been postponed. We are really missing our weekly Walmart trips and going out to eat. I know it sounds crazy to most people with small children, I hear it all the time, but we go out to eat multiple times a week. We’ve been taking our kids out to restaurants since they were all tiny babies. They behave very well in public and are great at restaurants so it’s something we really enjoy doing.

April is never a big travel month for us because it’s the heart of spring planting season. With so much rain this month though it didn’t seem like much of that happened either.

Easter was definitely a lot different than anticipated. We still dyed eggs and the Easter bunny still came but we definitely missed being at church. Our church as been doing online services only since the beginning of March so we were able to watch the Easter Sunday service but it just wasn’t the same. We are really missing church overall and can’t wait to get back!

Our 2 youngest girls (2 & 1) both came down with a mysterious illness. Fever, sore throat, and body aches (The 2yo was complaining her head and legs hurt). I pulled a tick off both of them about 2 days before their symptoms started so I assumed it was a some tick borne illness and we took them to their pediatrician. She said their throats were pretty red so she did throat cultures and flu test but they were negative for everything. They never developed any of the classic rashes that accompany tick diseases and a tick fever wouldn’t justify the red sore throat. They were not tested for COVID -19 but looking back now I’m not sure that wasn’t what it was. We haven’t been anywhere but Andrew is still around a lot of people at work, he still goes to the grocery store and brings stuff home, and we still get food to go. So to me it makes sense that the 2 youngest who still stick their hands in their mouth and lick everything they see would be more susceptible to that. It was over pretty quick though. The fever only lasted a couple days and the body aches a few days longer. We will never know for sure but I’m not sure what else it could have been

We finally got a break in all the rain and were able to get our garden planted! I told Andrew it HAD to be smaller this year! He loves a big garden but he’s not home during this time of the year to deal with it so I’m the one that actually has to take care of it and I’m just not up to it right now. Or ever really but at least I have pregnancy and 4 kids as an excuse! Ha!

Really all this COVID-19 stuff has been kind of a blessing in disguise for me. We found out we are expecting baby #5 at the beginning of March and I’ve been incredibly sick! It has been kind of nice to be forced to stay home and not doing anything the last few months. I’ve had all day “morning sickness” during all of my pregnancies and this one has been no different! Thankfully I’m not actually throwing up much, just feeling incredibly miserable and nauseous all day long and it’s especially worse in the late afternoon and evenings. It makes our dinner and bedtime routine a real struggle. Getting everyone dinner, baths, and into bed is the busiest/most work involved part of my day. Andrew usually doesn’t come home until after the kids are already asleep so I’m all on my own for that and for some reason thats the time of the day when I feel the worst. Here’s to hoping this part is over soon!


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