February 2020 Wrap Up

One again, February was a busy month away from home for us (I swear things are starting to slow down!) We spent the first couple days of February at our favorite local getaway, Gaston’s White River Resort. If you aren’t familiar with Gaston’s check them out HERE. As always we enjoyed our cottage, trout fishing, the peacocks and turkeys, and the restaurant. The weather was absolutely beautiful and surprisingly warm for early February!

We then spent a few days at home catching up on some preschool work and getting ready for our next Disney World trip!

We have spent the second week of a February at Disney World for the last 4 years now. We really love this time of the year because the weather in Florida is great! It’s not the super rainy season and it’s not really hot! Sunny and 75 most days! I’ll dedicate a post to this Disney trip later!

Disney marked the end of our 3 month span of nonstop travel! We spent the last 2 weeks of the month wrapping up the twins first year of preschool and doing a lot of playing at home.

One big event at the end of the month was getting a new puppy! We picked up a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy the last week of February. He’s had several names since we got him but I think Yoda is going to stick. He is soooo cute!

We are rolling in to March with lots of big things going on! The twins are starting a new year of homeschool preschool, our new farm shop construction is underway, and farming season has started!


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