December 2019 Wrap Up

It’s 2020? How did that happen? I probably say this every month, but December flew by! We were gone for most of the month so it really did go by in a flash for us!

We started out the first week of December in Disney World! It’s basically our home away from home where we leave our hearts behind every trip! You can read about that trip here.

After returning from Disney we were only home for about 10 days before leaving for Germany, but we sure packed a lot of stuff in those 10 days!

The kids watched our local town Christmas Parade for the first time and they loved it! It’s a little funny to me how much they enjoyed our small town Christmas parade so much since they’re really used to the big parades at Disney!

We had Christmas with my parents since we were going to be in Germany during Christmas. Of course they spoiled them with more new toys than is even imagineable!

Probably the most memorable thing that happened for us this month (besides our big trip to Germany) was that we purchased some land to the north of our house so Andrew can finally build his dream shop for the farm! This is such a huge milestone for us and Andrew is so excited to finally have a shop he is beside himself!

We spent the last 2 weeks of December in Germany! It was the most amazing trip! We all had such a wonderful time and will never forget it! I’m working on posts about Germany, there will be several so it’s taking me some time but they will be worth the wait! I highly recommend visiting Germany and if you have questions about planning a trip there just ask!

We did spend Christmas in Germany and I wasn’t sure how that would go since it was our first Christmas away from home but we don’t regret it one bit!!

More posts to come about our Germany adventures and stay tuned because we are headed to Paris soon and of course Disney World again!


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One thought on “December 2019 Wrap Up

  1. I am so happy for your exciting year and wonderful trips. Even though we shared Christmas with you guys before you left for Germany, you were really missed during the holidays. Love each of you so much. Mom Pat


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