November 2019 Wrap Up

November was quite the whirlwind month. It seems like this time of the year is crazy busy and goes by so fast! We are always hard in the home stretch of harvest, the twins birthday, Halloween, the start of the major holiday season, it’s just so busy it seems like November just blows by!

The end of harvest didn’t start out quite like the beginning. The weather was not cooperative and the fall was a wet one. Muddy fields make for a difficult harvest so Andrew bought tracks for the combine so decrease compaction and ruts. Rhett really loves the new tracks!

We’ve still been hard at work homeschooling. I bought these cute little personalized letter dry erase boards for the twins to practice writing with and they think they’re really fun.

We tried to have the kids pictures done for our Christmas cards but the two little girls were completely uncooperative. I knew Belle would not be happy about it but I think her being upset got to MM too and she couldn’t keep it together either. Our poor photographer Erica didn’t know what she was in for, but she did get some good pics of the twins! I ended up getting the only decent picture in our driveway before we left and I’m glad I did because the others were not so great!

Our puppy Thor is now 4 months old and fitting in so well! He loves the kids and they really love him. The temperature starting dropping which brought on Lorelei’s nosebleeds again. She gets bad nosebleeds at night during the winter even with the humidifier running by her bed. Her ENT says she has a ton of vessel congestion in the back of nose which makes her more susceptible to them. She sleeps on the top bunk bed so we’ve had to bring her down to the bottom bunk to keep her away from the really hot dry air by the ceiling and that has seemed to help.

Andrew was able to finish harvest about mid month. The kids really enjoyed seeing the sesame being cut for the first time. The twins were newborns the last tome we grew sesame. You can read about our sesame crop here.

We took the kids to meet Santa which went about like our Christmas card pictures. The two little girls wanted nothing to do with him and the twins were happy as could be to tell him everything they wanted for Christmas!

To finish up the last week of the month we went to see the new Frozen 2 movie! All the kids are obsessed with Frozen and this was a huge hit! We took them to see Toy Story 4 when it came out back in the summer but Belle was not able to sit through them movie and I ended up leaving with her about halfway through. This movie experience was much better because Belle happily sat in her chair and watched the entire movie. The 3 oldest had a dentist appointment for a regular cleaning and checkup which went so well! The twins went back by themselves for the first time and did great without me! MM still wanted me to go with her but she let them clean her teeth and do xrays with no complaints!All 3 of the big kids have Dentinogenesis Imperfecta so an all clear checkup with the dentist is a huge blessing to us! Their teeth still look discolored from the outside but they’re holding up well! Thanksgiving morning we woke up and hopped on a plane to Disney World where we spent the rest of the month and the beginning of December! We sent November out with a bang at our favorite place!!


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