Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Bring to Disney World

One of the most common questions I get asked is what should I pack for my trip to Walt Disney World? I’ve complied a short list of things you may not think of or may forget. I do not have things like clothes, toiletries, etc because I feel like that’s common sense. I’ll include links with a few items and these links are not sponsored by anyone, these are my own personal opinions of products I have used.

1. Sunscreen! I know this kind of falls under the toiletries category and may be common sense but it’s definitely worth listing. Protect your skin from the sun! You only get one set of skin for your whole life so take care of it every day even when not on vacation in Florida *steps down from soapbox*

2. Stroller rain covers! If you will be at WDW anytime between March-October you should bring rain protection. I have 2 Baby Jogger City Mini double strollers and these cheap amazon stroller covers are my favorite! They fit the stroller perfectly and protect it and the kids from even a torrential downpour!

3. Ponchos. Ponchos are really great for walking around in light rain which is does at WDW pretty much daily. I like this 12 pack of ponchos from amazon because it includes 6 adult ponchos and 6 kid ponchos.

4. Umbrellas. A poncho is pretty useless when the rain is pouring down, this is when having an umbrella comes in handy! Any small travel umbrella is worth throwing in your suitcase. We bring 2, one for each adult, the kids are always dry under their stroller covers.

5. Hand sanitizer. There are a ton of people at WDW from all over the world! A little bottle in your backpack of hand sanitizer is definitely worth keeping handy! I like to pack them in my luggage because they cost a fortune if you buy it on Disney property!

6. Clip on stroller fans. Especially if you have really young children this is a must! Babies can’t adequately regulate their body temperature and it gets very hot even in the shade! I got these from Walmart. They come in a few different colors and were reasonably priced. My only complaint is that the battery cover doesn’t stay on very well but that doesn’t affect use. Also, the battery does not last long between charges. They were really cheap though and you get what you pay for. They’ve been on 2 week long Disney trips with us now so I would say they’re worth it.

We don’t usually spend hardly any time in our room but if you want to save money there are several places to have groceries, snacks, and other items delivered to your hotel room. I always have diapers and wipes delivered so that I don’t have to take up a lot of suitcase space with diapers. If you’re an Amazon Prime member download the Amazon Prime Now! app and use their 2 hour delivery service! Delivery is free and you can have all kinds of stuff delivered directly to bell services at your Disney resort!

I often see a first aid kit listed as something to bring to Disney and I honestly think that’s a total waste. All Disney parks have first aid stations. They have everything you could ever imagine there and you don’t have to pay for it! Just recently on our last trip on youngest was very fussy and feeling warm. I noticed that she had a new tooth starting to come in and headed to the first aid station. They happily took her temperature to check her fever and gave her some Tylenol. They carry allergy, cold, headache, migraine medicine, Benadryl, bandaids, etc. You get the picture by now I’m sure. Utilize the first aid station!

If you need help planning your Disney trip please email me at My services are free and I would love to help!


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