What To Pack In Your C-Section Hospital Bag

Disclaimer: This post talks about girly things like what happens after you deliver a baby. If you can’t handle that then click away now.



I’ve had 3 cesarean sections now, so I feel pretty confident in my knowledge of what I definitely was glad I had and what I could definitely do without. I’m a pretty simple person though and what you “need” is really personal soooo…take my list with a grain of salt. I had the twins via emergency c-section at 33 weeks. I had literally nothing with me to prepare for their delivery. I didn’t have my hospital bag or theirs. My next 2 sections were scheduled so I was fully prepared for them.

Obviously you need things like toiletry items so I’m not listing those.

Things I DID NOT Need:

-Underwear. Let me tell you about these wonderful hospital panties. They are this soft stretchy material and they are wonderful! After I had the twins I only took a few home with me, but I learned my lesson there and the next 2 times I took home every single pair I could get my hands on. I didn’t need my own underwear because the hospital ones are way better! Now, I’ve heard some hospitals don’t have these soft ones, so you might want to find out from someone who recently had a baby where you will be.

-Pads. Use the hospital pads while you’re there and take as many as you can home with you! I bled like a normal period for about 3-5 days then it was very light spotting for another week.  After leaving the hospital I bought Target brand ultra thin pads. They worked just fine and I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper. **Just a side note, I ended up having post-partum hemorrhaging 10 days post op from baby #4. My bleeding had slowed to almost nothing and then all of a sudden started gushing again with big clots. I called my OB right away and they got me in and got me Cytotec which slowed the bleeding way down but I did end up having period-like bleeding for a solid month.

-Belly Band. I was going to buy an abdominal binder such as the Belly Bandit or something of the sort, but I didn’t have a chance to since I had the twins so early. I’m glad I didn’t, because I didn’t need it! Before I was even off the OR table my doctor put an abdominal binder on me and I just continued to use it. This was true for babies 3 & 4 also. I usually wear the abdominal binder at home for about 2 weeks. It helps your abdominal muscles go back to their proper place and also the support on your sore belly sure feels good.

-Breast Pump. There’s no need in dragging your personal breast pump to the hospital. The hospital will have one that you can use while you are there and all the supplies that go with it!

Things I Needed:

-Flip flops. They’re easy to kick on and off getting in and out of bed, no need to bend down, and keep you from walking barefoot on the hospital floor.

-Nursing Bra & breast pads. With all of my babies my milk has come in by the next day so the leaking…ohh the leaking.

-Robe and clothes. I ordered a really cute floral print robe online and was so glad I had it. I changed into a nursing tank top and had the robe to cover up with when visitors or hospital staff were in the room. It also looked super cute in pictures because I looked a little more put together. Yoga pants are my friend at all times in my life and that’s no exception after giving birth!

-Nipple cream. Breastfeeding or pumping, your nipples will hurt. I hate it when they say “breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt” because it does at first. Your nipples will adjust to it, but yes, it hurts the first week or longer. Your nipples will be sore, they may crack and bleed also. I like just plain lanolin.

-Boppy Pillow. This is one of my favorite newborn products. The boppy is really great for breastfeeding in those first few weeks when you’re really trying to get the hang of things. It’s also a safe and easy place to prop baby up on while you stare at her and soak in the sweetness.

-Stool Softener. Most likely the hospital will be giving you one, but if they aren’t you need to take some Colace, woman! Seriously! Whether you deliver via c-section or vaginally, pooping is hard afterwards!



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